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Please share this information about the Bundy Ranch standoff with everyone you know!


Rec'd this evening and don't know whether this can be discerned to be correct but one thing I know without QUESTION - the Southern Poverty Law Center is a group of VERY BAD PEOPLE - we dealt with them regularly when I worked with Charlie Duke at the Colorado State Senate in the 1994-1998 time frame - they are corrupt, lying lawyers and cannot be trusted in any manner, shape or form.  The Clark County Sheriff is a member of the Southern Poverty Law Center - that is very odd…


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Essential Reading - The Citizen's Last Stand - Are YOU Ready?

Jeff L. Wright's new book, "The Citizen's Last Stand - Are You Ready?" is must reading for anyone seeking an understanding of how we got here - the end of the 2nd Republic, and what we must do to move forward to found the 3rd Republic.

If you are part of the "remnant" who will build the foundation of the 3rd Republic, then this is essential reading for you!…


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Drive Obama's poll numbers down to win in 2013 and 2014


You've probably heard the new poll results that came out this week showing Barack Obama with a favorable rating of 60% - versus only 37% who had an unfavorable view of Obama.…


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