"Special District" Elections Often Overlooked--Be Informed

"Special Districts" succh as parks & recreation, fire, water, sanitation, library, flood, and many other districts receive taxes, have directors, conduct meetings, have local rules, and have special elections for directors or commissioners.  The elections occur at times designated in bylaws and announced in legal notices or on web sites.  

With recent legislation in 2013 and 2014 in the Colorado legislature, all of the elections are now by mail-in ballots and some may even be conducted by people or law offices in other cities.  If you received a ballot and forgot to mail it in a timely manner, the option may be drive many miles to deliver before the ballot closes.

For a list of the types of districts and links to some of the special districts in Colorado please check:


Some of the elections noticed for districts in Littleton, Parker, and other locations occur in May, such as South Suburban Parks & Recreation on May 6 (and others). 

RTD is currently on the list of districts looking for candidates for the commissioners.

Get informed and involved.

Ken Clark on Grassroots Radio Colorado on KLZ 560 AM talked about this Friday, May 2, and promised to continue the topic May 5-6 and beyond.  For podcasts of radio shows:


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