Fredrick -  i had a call from one of the leaders of the R Block Party asking me about your "support" for Ed Purlmutter.  I explained that "no, you were making his defeat the priority of the ATP.  I think the way you first stated your intention to defeat him was (unintentional)  misleading  -- "volunteers for Ed Purlmutter" .  Just thought you might want to blog again and clear that up.  thanks

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Your are correct Karen. The Blog post that you authored earlier in the week was poorly titled by yourself as Volunteers for Ed Perlmutter. I sent you a message that I was correcting the title to defeating him. I will make a second edit to your blog post to ensure understanding for further readers.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I will try to stay up on the site as often as possible to make sure others do not try to create poorly titled blogs in the future.

Fredrick Lindner
ATP Coordinator
My apologies for the misunderstanding!! I will certainly be most careful in the future. Thanks,!

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