Amendment 69 Ballot Issue and Videos and Info by Dr. Jill Vecchio

Dr. Jill Vecchio has been informing Coloradoans about many major healthcare related topics in "Obamacare" and now takes on issues connected with Colorado's proposed Amendment 69.  The first video installment addressing Amendment 69 is now available--truly scarey!

The web site "Healthcare Options that Work" (.org) compiles written material, radio discussions, video messages, events, and more items regarding Amendment 69 and how it will affect people and Colorado if the ballot measure is passed in November.  Even the videos Dr. Vecchio with messages about "Obamacare" are linked in this web site.

Definitely encourage your friends and neighbors to consider this information before voting.

Watch for more videos.  Donate to the "Healthcare Options that Work" project if you can.

Amendment 69 will cost more per year than the current Colorado state budget that covers education, highways, and all of the other state functions the legislators meet every year to decide--currently about 25 to 26 billion dollars.  Amendment 69 would expect at least another $25 billion from every one of the Colorado residents.

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