There have been a few debates around the Denver metro area on the subject of Amendment 64 which is on the November ballot regarding legalizing marijuana.


R Block Party held a debate September 27, 2012, and arranged for the event to be recorded.  The video is now available at:


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The amendment passed and the results from the Denver Post:

On February 16, 2013, Rep. Spencer Swalm sponsored a townhall event at which progress on the commission work looking in to all of the logistics of piecing together the state guidelines, regulations, and more details.  Watch for more information and informational forums following various report and other deadlines after February 28, July and October 2013, from state sources and municipal sources.  The link to the event announcement and follow up comments is at:


I have not viewed this video from but it appears to be a panel discussion of the implications of the recent actions of Colorado and Washington (state).  This may be helpful to some.

Dr. Chris Thurston was appointed to the panel to make recommendations to the Colorado governor and legislature for the implementation of Amendment 64.  On February 18, 2013, Dr. Thurston posted an article with many comments from the position that the legalization is a bad idea and that there are many problems with the drug.[]


If other items from people on the panel is noticed, I hope that they will be added to the comments so that there is a good resource.


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