J.D. King has just released a new documentary "Blue Beats Green" funded through a Kickstarter project.  The working title for the funding was "AXED:  The End of Green" but was renamed to BLUE with the notation inside the cover "Beautify. Liberate. Utilize. Enjoy."

Kickstarter:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jking/axed?ref=live

I encourage everyone to check out the web site for BLUE and get a copy of the DVD.  The documentary is to environmentalism ("Green") activists similar to the documentary "FrackNation" is to the anti-fracking activists for the "Gasland" movies.  There are several good interviews for the movie including Lord Monckton and Robert Zubrin.  


The documentary is about an hour long.  J.D. King was on The BlazeTV recently with Dana Loesch and that segment can be seen at:


There is so much to cover, so maybe J.D. King will continue with the documentaries.  His first documentary "Crying Wolf" is worth checking out as well.  Get the DVD.


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July 14, 2014, J. D. King posted to YouTube the complete "Crying Wolf" documentary referenced above.  This documentary is eye-opening and shows a destructive side to the over expansion of the wolf population since the release of those "cute little puppies" [my term] into Yellowstone eco-system.


There is a very short segment of the movie that comes with a warning and you will not want want young children around to see the injuries to other animals.  

It appears that J. D. King decided to post this movie after he presented the trailer for the new movie "Blue Beats Green" at the early July Heartland Institute Climate Change Conference in Las Vegas, just before the Lord Monckton speech.



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