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Once You Vote Black. . .

For those who missed it, a certain button was actually allowed to be sold and worn at the Democrat National Convention.  It read as follows:


Can you imagine the Republicans allowing anything like this?  Not a chance. The GOP would instantly  remove anyone selling or wearing such offensive messaging, regardless of what race it preferred.

But then, our candidate—Mitt Romney—doesn’t endorse racism.  Does Obama?…


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My Final Plea For Unity

Much has been made of recent rules changes at the GOP Convention.  Do I oppose these changes?  Oh, that’s too limited.  Truth is, I oppose ANY changes at this time.  This is a time for unity—for reaching out—and my Party leadership has done the precise opposite of what I’ve been pushing behind the scenes.  I’m filled with misery, as misguided strategy threatens to derail a landslide victory.


So you won’t hear me defending ANY changes.


But, as one who has given…


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Re-Framing the "War on Women"


Since the DNC theme is centered around the "War on Women," I've put together some counter-arguments for Conservatives to use. I tested them on some blogs this afternoon with rather enjoyable success.


Hope you like them.…


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My View of Evangelical Christians Voting for Mitt Romney

I have heard many Christians express concerns about voting for Mitt Romney because he is Mormon.  They certainly have this right, but I’d ask that they give me one chance to offer another view.

You see, I am a former Atheist, now a born again Evangelical Christian.  My degree is in the Ministry.  My favorite ministry is "Answers In Genesis" with Ken Ham.  I am not a Mormon.  But I offer the following points:

1.  When Mormons cast millions of votes to help elect Reagan,…


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Hey Liberals, Create Some Jobs Already!

Considering this week's dismal jobs report, Liberals, please answer this question:

Say a wealthy American has $10 million for building a business. To build in America, he/she faces sky-high costs in:

1. Corporate tax rate

2. EPA compliance

3. Labor costs

4. Regulatory burdens

5. Lawsuit protection

This wealthy American must compete in a global marketplace against foreign competitors having none of these disadvantages, so here's my question: WHAT'S…


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Obamacare Ruling: Stop Thinking about the 9 and Start Worrying About the 15

Today, many of us watched in stunned horror as 9 people in Supreme Court robes enabled the greatest government power grab we've ever seen.

But looking forward to this November's election, I think we need people to stop thinking about the Group of 9, and start worrying about the Group of 15.  I refer to the 15-member panel that President Obama will soon staff to "control costs" by rationing our healthcare.

Think about it.  How many people like the idea of an unelected…


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