Tea Party members are called crazy and extreme for pushing for a balanced budget amendment in general, and the specific proposal of "Cut, Cap and Balance" (CCB) What we think is crazy, and extreme is to continue to ignore a problem this country has known about for decades but can't be ignored forever. For once, let's push our legislators to do the unpopular but responsible thing, versus continue to feed us sugar-coated lies. "Cut, Cap and Balance" is a compromise. Ideally the debt limit would not be raised. CCB would compromise by allowing one more increase, but only with assurances the problem will be addressed.

Opponents of this legislation like to hide behind the guise of caring about seniors, the poor and middle-class. As Sen. Alan Simpson pointed out, those hurt the most by a financial meltdown will be the most vulnerable. If you want to save Social Security, Medicare and programs for the poor, encourage the passage of CCB.

The power elite in Washington is running scared right now, and will say anything to avoid having their power curtailed. They realize that a balanced budget amendment will force them to make unpopular decisions and will no longer be able to buy favor with voters. Their smoke and mirrors act, aided and abetted by most in the media, is reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz, desperately trying to prevent the curtain from being pulled back. Many Americans, even seniors, would rather take the medicine now, versus handing a worse situation to their kids.What is your choice?



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Cathy,  If and when the gov't participates in the reducing of its spend-thrift habits, whenit starts to pay as it goes, and stops promising to buy (bribe) votes. I will be less adverse to participating in the pain.  They are theives, and have beggared the country (us little people).  When their feet are held to the fire, and they have born the burden of responsibility, to the point that they believe in it, not just do it because we are all hopped up at the moment,  THEN, will I be willing to bear the burden.  I will not forgive the non-repentant, nor the "politician" of the last 50 years.  Boehner is correct to hold out.  A Republican to day is worth the same as the dollar:  1/1600 of an ounce of gold.    Kevin Keator

Kevin, Thanks for the feedback. Are you saying that you agree with "Cut, Cap and Balance"?


The government today borrows about $.42 for every dollar it spends. Even if drastic cuts were enacted, the country will still be incurring added debt every year, as Federal spending can't be cut almost in half overnight. With the current debt at 100% of GDP, I'm wondering how much more debt we can afford?


As Congressman Coffman pointed out in his Town Hall meeting (bravely I thought, since it was a room full of seniors) entitlement spending, primarily Medicare and Social Security, consume about half of Federal revenue today, and if not reformed, along with debt payments will eventually need all of Federal revenue, leaving nothing for defense, or anything else. It's too bad that the government engaged in the big Ponzi scheme of Social Security. We all will lose now, those of us my age probably the worst as we will pay in the longest and most likely not get a dime back. But it's been known for decades that Social Security was not solvent long term, but anytime a politician tried to do something about it before now, they were threatened to be hounded out of office.


It's late so I may not be making much sense. Perhaps we can talk this week. Did you get a chance to call Udall and Bennet?

I am ready to give up on Cut Cap and Balance, for now. I still think it is what is needed, but maybe it should be the defining issue for the election. Obama and Democrats - more of same, Republican candidates - Cut, Cap and Balance.


I was told that "holding the nation hostage over a technicality - the debt limit increase" would be injurious to the Tea Party. While I don't agree that holding the line on the debt limit is a technicality at all, we need to make that case to more people. I firmly believe that probably 80% of the people in this country believe in conservative values, they just don't know it because they have been snowed by the liberal media into believing that "Republicans support the rich and Democrats the poor." - I've actually had Democrats tell me that. Obviously a  lot of misunderstanding, but that's what they've been told.

An ATP member told me that he emailed one of the mainstream media channels about how egregious it is that they play on the fears of seniors by talking about how their social security checks may not go out if those crazy Tea Party people get their way. It will be slow, hard work, but I think the Tea Party groups need to start focusing locally on fellow voters. Another one of our members did just that - taught a program at a local nursing home.

At the Arapahoe County Republican Men's Club meeting this morning, it was suggested that Tea Party groups are better situated to outreach to moderate Democrats and Independents, as we are not a political party. Rather than saying we are recruiting for Republican members, we can just offer information. The truth will sway them.


Your thoughts?

Trying to figure out how posting replies works, so please bear with me.

First, if the "mainstream" is starting to hate us, we are obviously doing something right. Crazy? What's crazy, no, insane is "business as usual" in Washington.

The first thing that needs to be addressed is all the overspending. What is all this money being spent on? Has anyone seen any benefits, besides illegals, lazy people and our enemies? I sure haven't. They should stop all the wasteful spending and concentrate on what is needed.

They want a debt ceiling increase. Why? I can't think of any good reason, once spending is under control. Who knows, maybe even a debt ceiling decrease. I'd be all for that.

My thoughts are these: Cut wasteful spending, no debt limit increase and balance the budget. I would love to see "pay as you go" in D.C. In fact, we, the people, are supposed to be the government and those in Washington are supposed to represent us. They don't seem to be doing that, either. I have to pay as I go, I'm sure you all have to pay as you go, so why can't they? And, don't forget, we won the last election. No compromise! We should demand unconditional surrender from those who would destroy us.

Edwin, good post.

While I agree in principle with everything you are saying, there is a road the nation has to travel from where we are today - borrowing $.42 on every dollar, much of it for entitlement spending that can't be cut overnight, to where we need to be. We need to remember that this is a problem that has been brewing, and being ignored, for decades. As I've stated before, I've known since 1980 that I would never see a dime of the Social Security money I've paid in (or my husband). Actuarial tables told us that long ago.

Back in the mid-80s while studying for my degree in Health Information, there were stories about how health care costs were too high - 13% of GDP then and now 16%. My job as a medical records coder was to try and code the records to get the highest reimbursement possible from the Federal government for Medicare cases, as the Federal government's answer to increased costs was to just say they would pay less - regardless of what it costs the hospital.This caused hospitals to shift costs for Medicare and Medicaid patients to those with insurance - is why insurance rates are so high (in addition to the insured also having to bear the burden for people with no insurance.)

The whole Medicare/Pre-paid health care under the guise of insurance/employers buying insurance when they don't buy our food is the problem with the health care system today. It's a mess! Rather than helping the situation, Obamacare is the nail in the coffin of an  already sick system. To fix it, we must first repeal Obamacare, then let the states experiment with different programs, which can be much more nimble and effective at the state level.


I'm rambling, but there are so many details that need to be considered in how to get to where those of us in the Tea Party know we need to be - a Federal government under control. It's a long war that most likely won't be fixed by the time of my death, (which statistically will be in about 30 years)  but I hope we will at least be on the way. Let's keep talking.

Yes, it's going to be a long war. Made up of individual smaller battles. but, I think we are getting off to a good start. I don't know why, but an old saying keeps running through my head. Not sure if it applies, but, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

I understand about runaway healthcare costs. That's one of the reasons I don't have health insurance. I just plain cannot afford it, even through my employer(s). But there are a lot of other programs that can be cut. Beginning with "punishing success and rewarding failure". I see too many people every day running around spending money that our government gave to them for not working. And we are the ones being forced to pay into this scheme. These people are just taking advantage of the system. And they're very easy to spot. True, some have a legitimate need, but others are just plain lazy.

Then I hear about new regulations that the gov't wants to force on us. These unnecessary regulations cost money. Our money, paid for by higher prices at the store. And the gas pumps. And lower wages so our employers can stay in business, forget competitive.

There's more I could say, but, I'll stop there for now. I still say we should not increase the debt limit and the Republicans (read conservatives) should not give up and compromise. Compromising on this will be catastrophic.

I also say that we, the people should have say in all matters of spending and taxation, as we are the government. As far as I'm concerned, we are right back at "taxation without representation".

Now I'm starting to ramble.

Not rambling at all!  There is so much that needs to be said.


I don't think there is any way to stop the debt limit from being raised. The best we can hope for is Boehner's plan, which only raises the debt limit for six months. That will keep this issue alive in the public's eye going up to the election.


I agree, even the longest journey starts with a single step. :-)

I agree, there will be a debt limit increase. That can't be stopped. But I'd like to see it postponed until after the "deadline", say, around the end of August or some time in September. Just to prove that it has all been a lie.
Just had another thought today. Since the beginning of the fiscal year is October 1st, how about fighting until November. I can think of several ways to get this thing delayed. But, Aug 2nd is just a date pulled out of a hat.

The Balanced Budget Committee has completed the work on the petition.  We can copies handed out at the next meeting to all that would like to get signitures. 


Again, thanks to all involved.

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