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Hello All.  When each of us goes to our respective caucuses on Tues. March 16, 2010, please familiarize yourself with the attached resolutions.  The way it works, is if enough of these resolutions are consistent in each of the precincts, they will advance forward to the County Assembly and may ultimately be added to the Party Platform.  It will be helpful for you to print these out and when asked if there are any resolutions, please bring these up, read them, and a vote will then be taken.  Go prepared, reviewing them in advance and print them out.  These resolutions have been prepared by several different groups; all concerned with run away fiscal irresponsibility and the blatent disregard for conservative values which has become the norm. 


Consider running for delegate.  If you are interested, it is suggested that you write a short summary of your background.  i.e. Where you work, where you're from, education background, why you're interested in being a delegate and in advance, invite your neighbors and friends in your precinct and ask for their vote. 


Some Tips:  If running for delegate, dress nicer than you normally would and create a flyer that can be passed out. This would be a mini resume.  Wear a nametag at Caucus.  When it's your turn to present your information, speak about 1 to 1-1/2 minutes.  Make it short, sweet and to the point.


If elected delegate, the following dates are when you need to be available so that you may attend and fulfill the delegate role.


                                          April 10, 2010 - County Assembly

                                          May 22, 2010 - State Assembly


Only those elected delegate or alternate to the County Assembly may run for "higher" assemblies, ie. State or Congressional.  No one else may run.  At Caucus, if elected as either County or State delegate, there will be fees due that night. Be prepared to pay by cash, check or credit card that evening.



Proposed State Resolutions:


FFF-Overview.ppt     (Instructions)








Proposed 10th Amendment Res. 1.doc  

Proposed 10th Amendment Res. 2.doc 

Proposed 10th Amendment Res. 3.doc  

Proposed 10th Amendment Res. 4.doc

Proposed 10th Amendment Res. 5.doc


Federal Resolutions:













Good Luck and let's make sure we're represented in this upcoming election.  It can only happen if we get involved and attend the caucus.



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Thanks, Theresa, for posting this along with the reminder that there will be fees to prepay for the state convention.
You're most welcome. Also there's an easy to print list on to print out. Compliments of Lesley Hollywood.

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