I just read this article today on the Monday 8/3/09 Aurora Sentinel. Ed Pearlmutter will speak at the BUDGET Car and Truck at 3:30 pm 8/3/09 today. The address is at 835 Havana Street. We have to find where this guy is meeting and get there. I think that his tour is being scheduled last minute to keep the crowds small. See you there.

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I attended the Congressman's small town hall meeting at Budget Car and Truck dealership in Aurora on 8/3/09. The assembled audience was mostly local car dealerhips. I listened and took notes on Ed Pearlmutters remarks on the 3 questions that he answered at hte end of the speech.

1. He spoke in depth about he evolution of the economic meltdown starting in July when he was approached by the Fed for additional powers.
2. He covered the congressional plan to battle the collapse to include the TARP, Stimulus and opening up credit confidence.
3. He described how he worked with Mike Coffman in a bill to establish loans for small business.
4. The evolution of "Cash for Clunkers".

Here is a reveiw of the questions that were preselected by the organizer of the meeting, Gayle Jetchick with the Havana Business Imporvement Distict.

Someone posted a question about healthcare and in his response he spoke about a patient outcome payment system where a doctor would get reimbursed in relation to the patients end health rather that by the number of tests performed. Ed also blurted out that in his opinion the coverage of Health Insurance to healthy people and unhealthy people is unconstitutional as per the 14th Amendment for equal treatment.</</u>b> (I wonder if he feels the same about the Tax code?)

Someone asked about the economy and jobs. Ed Pearlmutter said that the cutting of taxes would not have worked in the fall due to the deflation of gas prices and other goods. He also said that the Fed had already dropped the interest rates to 0%. (It seemed to me that he was a little out of touch on the economics.)

A small business owner in the audience wanted to know why Congess does not just cut Taxes to stimulate the economy. Ed replied that the Stimulus bill had many provisions and was largeley filled with tax subsudies and tax incentives for small business. Ed was confident that the stimulus was the same as tax cuts.

As a member of the Coalition for a Conservative Majority-Denver Chapter, I have been trying to establish contacts with key members of other conservative organizations in Colorado. (Smith and Rita Young of your group can verify the above).

Would you be so kind as to contact me at jackott2@comcast.net so that we can discuss this.

Thank you.

Jack Ott

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