I just made a donation to Dan Maes.  Let's get behind OUR Republican candidate, duly elected by Republicans to represent us in the national election Nov. 2nd.  Democrats with different agendas always come together to elect their own.  We, Republicans, tend to eat our own. Talk about a circular firing squad!!   Does anyone really want Hickenlooper as governor just to prove a point - to let the elitist Republicans in the state win. Tea Party and 9-12 grassroots candidates across the U.S. are winning!  Dan has been given a bum rap by the press, the elite, and some of his own. 

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Already sent an extra check and a note.
Tancredo = Clear Channel Communications in the willingness to propogate the lies about Dan Maes. The story will come out soon. I can't wait to see the GOP and radio hosts do the CYA on this one.

I'm sorry, Karen, Fred and anyone else who supports Dan Maes. Although the latest revelations are concerning, I never supported Maes from the beginning. I don't care if he is God incarnate, to pick the Governor's race as his very first political foray is not smart.

No, I don't want someone who has only been a politician, but on the other end of the spectrum, picking someone who has no political experience does not seem wise either.

If Maes truly has the best interests of Colorado at heart, he will step down and let someone else, preferably Jane Norton, be the Republican candidate. Beating out McInnis does not prove that Maes is the "people's choice." He's certainly not mine, and I even voted for him, but only as a protest vote against McInnis. I wonder how many other Republican voters feel the same way, or would now change their mind given what has come out about Maes.

Last night I listened to Maes' You-tube rebuttal of charges against him. I was totally un-impressed with his sincerity/story.

Admittedly I could be wrong (although THAT has never happened before :-) ! )

Unless someone provides some more convincing proof that Maes is a decent candidate, I cannot vote for him.

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