ATP to withhold endorsing any candidate for Governor of Colorado

Here is a list of supporters and endorsements on the web site: Dan Maes for Colorado Governor. I have searched his web site and I have been unable to find anything that links the ATP to an endorsement of Dan Maes. If there has been an endorsement of this candidate by the ATP, and anyone knows where there is public record of this endorsement, please let me know. There is certainly cause to discuss this among the members if an endorsement has  been made.

My intention at this time for the ATP is to withhold endorsing any candidate for Governor of Colorado.

Please, comment as you see fit. Or send a private message, if that suits you better.

Steven Haworth

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It seems that we need to clear up some of the confusion as to the endorsements issued prior to the Arapahoe County Assembly earlier this year. Some of our membership may not have been present at the time. At the time we were approximately one hundred members and taking a strong active role in finding candidates in the election process. As the county assembly was drawing near, we the quarum of active ATP members, decided to hold an on-line vote or straw poll which was conducted for endorsements of the candidates in the various races. A vote was held from late March to early April and the results were posted in a message one week prior to the County Assembly. Fliers were printed, of which there are close to 200 little yellow fliers with the current chairman Steven. From the results of this straw pole we identified Dan Maes for Governor, I don't remember the exact break down of the votes but it was highly in favor Dan. Also Tom Tancredo was not polled in this vote due that he supported McInnis.

Now as to the discussion which I authored on SEPTEMBER 2, 2010!!! For those that are newer and less active members, let me describe to you that part of my position as Coordinator for the Arapahoe County Tea Party was to represent our Liberty Group at the central Coalition meeting. This is a meeting held once a month with the various leadership from over a dozen 9.12, Tea Party, and other Liberty Groups of which in total represention is between 5-10 thousand members. That being said there was an emergency meeting held from which Dan Maes presented the actual facts of the misrepresentations. I tried to present the best information to you after the first dozen or so replies to my forum were reviewed. This discussion was for all intents and purposes closed due to no actual proof or data had come to light. Since then Tancredo supporters have attempted to use the forum to display their true agenda in not defeating Hickenlooper but rather destroy a good man.

My forum on the result of the meeting.

As to my former position as the Arapahoe County Tea Party Coordinator. I was the coordinator and not the chairman.

I hope that this has cleared up some of the misrepresentations made by the flagrantly misinformed.

Fredrick Lindner
former ATP Coordinator

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