Are we ready to give up our entitlements in order to have Fiscal responsibility

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal

it was stated that 44% of all U.S. households receives some form of government income  and 45% of all American households pay no income tax. The question to this do entitlements grow when more people are exempt from paying taxes? Do we raise generations to expect entitlements when they can go to public school and receive a reduce or free breakfast and lunch each day. The greater question is do entitlements lead to tyranny? Do we realize how we got here?

My only struggle with this is I want us as a nation to provide for those who are truly unable to provide for themselves; i.e. Mentally impaired, those with severe physical disabilities and the disabled elderly. Maybe if our charitable organizations along with our giving to them did what they/we should do we could take care of these responsibilites. If that can't happen then I expect that much from Government preferably at the state level. Without entitlements being addressed we will never have fiscal responsibility. Are we ready?  How do we do it? I've got Ideas, but are they politically doable?

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Economic decline, social unrest, chaos. These things will lead us to tyranny unless true leadership emerges to stave off and correct some of the unbalanced government programs. We must be reasonable and responsible however the changes can be found.

This video is still powerful in seeing what is to come and what we are capable of.


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